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Chris is an absolutely brilliant instructor. He's very relaxed and instantly makes you feel at ease, which helps each lesson go smoothly. He's very patient and understanding and tailors his instruction to exactly what you need, both in terms of skill level and learning style. I'm an American that needed to get my UK license. I wasn't a brand new driver, being that I have my US license, and Chris zoned in on exactly what I needed to work on rather than wasting time starting from step 1. He's honest with you and every lesson with him was a positive experience! I passed my test the first time with only 4 minors. I'm sad my time with him is over! He was recommended to me by others and I will definitely go on to recommend him!


Passed first time today. Am so happy. Very grateful for the wonderful tuition from Ray. Thank you!

David, you've been a fantastic instructor! So patient, professional and calm, even when I had a few 'silly' moments. In the four months you taught me, I always enjoyed the lessons and never felt stressed. I'd certainly recommend you to anyone and hope to keep in touch now that, thanks to you, I've passed my test. Hoorah! Can't thank you enough.

Testimonial * yay! I passed and at 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant! I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Ian, you made me feel extremely comfortable and confident! Would definitely recommend!


I would recommend this driving school to anyone who is a new learner. I started off not knowing anything about a car and I have recently passed my test with 5 minors. Linda helped me build my confidence and helped me accomplish everything. Thank you!!


Dear Alan thank you for helping me when my previous Instructor let me down 2 wks before my test date. Thanks to you I passed my test first time. I was amazed at he difference in Instructors, thank goodness Amy recommended you. I really am grateful for all the help you gave me. Love Michelle

I am so elated; not sure where to begin. Just passed practical driving test this morning. My instructor was Erkan β€˜THE SAVIOUR’. I preponed the test date as the next available one was too late. My learning session started on 8th July; so effectively we got only 6 days to prepare for practical test. Erkan took up the challenge and suggested me to stick to today’s date. My background: I have been driving for few years in other country where the road condition is nowhere close to UK standards. Literally no rules were followed, lack of health and safety awareness on road. So it was really tough for me to unlearn the old bad practices and adopt to UK roads. Old habits die hard! I had quite a lot of apprehension about qualifying UK driving test. I was advised by Ray to contact Erkan as he could support me at out of office hours at the region I belong to. He was phenomenally flexible on time and regions. He has been critical when he needed to be. He acted like big brother and supported whenever it was required. Given the limited time we got and stringent UK driving rules to adopt to, I was even considering re-scheduling the test date. But with help of Erkan, I managed to make it in the first attempt. In addition to qualifying the test, I won a friend. Thanks a lot Erkan. I agree this is little costlier than other driving institutes but believe me, you actually save more here as Erkan provided substantial amount of extra hours lessons free of cost. You get what you pay. Very happy customer, I must say. Hope my little feedback help those who are searching for good instructor and save money for their driving lessons.

I had a fantastic experience learning with Ray, he has just the right balance of patience and wit to put you at ease and help build confidence. Thankyou, I really enjoyed the lessons and passed first time. Couldn't ask for anything more really!

My driving instructor was David. He was an absolutely amazing instructor and everything he said sunk in and he had amazing methods of teaching. He made me feel comfortable and less nervous about driving. I passed 1st time with only 4 minors! I advise anyone to use this driving company! Thank you so much David.

My wife and I found ourselves in the somewhat ironic situation of needing to pass our UK tests so we could drive in the US during an extended stay in the US for work. We are Americans (in my case with almost 30 years of driving experience in the states) who have lived in the UK long enough that we could not renew our US licences ahead of our trip and we did not realise this until just a few short weeks before we had to leave. Alan and the Driveaway team took us on and did a spectacular job training us (people who had no experience of driving in this country, so this was not a job for the faint of heart). As everyone knows, the test in this country is hugely stressful with a relatively high number of people who don't pass. It was doubly or triply stressful for us because of being neophyte Americans and being under such enormous pressure to pass the first time in such a short time. The fact that I got through is an amazing testament to Alan's great skill as a masterful teacher not only conveying what you need to do well but helping you as a human.

Thank you so much Andy George. I have passed my driving test today with just 3 minors :) I was very nervous, but he was confident that I would pass and encouraged me a lot. When I made any mistake during lesson he will explain it to me patiently and listens to my concerns.
He used to make me describe what I see on the road while driving just to make me conscious of what is happening. That descriptive method was very useful.
Once again thank you so much Andy, I would definitely recommend him.


Ian was a brilliant instructor, I never felt pressured or uncomfortable at the wheel and he helped me pass first time, thank you!

Finally joined the group. Thanks for teaching me Ray. I drove all the way to thorpe park the other day. the pass plus lesson was very useful. Hannah

I would like to thank Alan for stepping in and helping me when my driving instructor was off. he made things very simple for me to pick up and got me ready for my test in a short space of time. he was always friendly and patient and encouraged and believed in me at times when I just wanted to give up. thanks again Alan.

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." William Ward.

This quote couldn't be more apt for a great instructor like you Andy. I will be ever grateful to you for all the support in enabling me pass first time! Your dedication, punctuality, manner of explaining and patience will go a long way in getting many more confident drivers out on the roads. Thank you.

I've always felt nervous about driving manual cars in Cambridge. However, learning to drive with Ray has helped me to overcome that and am now comfortable behind the wheels. His instructions are very clear and easy to grasp. A brilliant instructor with heck of a lot of patience and not to mention general knowledge! Highly recommended for driving wisdom and funny spoonerisms Thanks very much Ray for the imparting the force in me! Wouldn't have done melliflously without it. Cheers, Smelly

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with David. He progressed my driving in a way that I felt I was learning a lot but also felt comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone else, thanks.


Thanks to Ian I passed my test first time today! thank you so much for helping me gain confidence and for being so patient with me

I just want to say thanks to Andy for his patience - having learned to drive over ten years ago abroad, I needed to break lots of bad habits to get my UK license! Thanks to Andy's efforts, I passed my test the first time and with only one minor fault. He was always as flexible as possible in arranging lessons and made sure I got to practice everything I felt I needed to. Thanks Andy!

Such a great driving Instructor! I previously had an instructor from a different driving school but when I started with Ray my transformation from a nervous, clumsy driver who didnt know their left and right to a confident, autonomous driver was rapid and enjoyable. Not only did he teach me how to pass my test first time, but he also helped me to become comfortable with reversing into my drive at home, as well as other skills I will need as a driver. I've really enjoyed learning to drive, thank you very much for all your help and patience Ray!

Chris Armes is a Very good instructor, he's fun and can have a laugh. Best instructor in Chatteris.

Erkan Cengiz was great! I failed my test 7 years ago and hadn't driven since. I picked up lessons again after moving to Cambridge and Erkan was very helpful in getting me up to a better standard than I was previously - and passed first time with just 3 minors! Always very relaxed and encouraging, highly recommended!


I would like to thank Alan Coote for putting up with me and teaching me to drive. Thank you for helping me pass, you have changed my life.

I would like to thank Andy for teaching me how to drive! i passed first time and am very grateful for Andy's hard work!
i would highly recommend Andy to anyone as he is a brilliant instructor!
Thanks again Andy!

Thank you so much to David, the best driving instructor ever, who managed to help me to pass my driving test by using kind, patient and clear instruction. I am forever grateful.

I honestly could not ave wished for a better instructor than Alan. He is truly brilliant.
In the past i have had lessons with 2 different driving schools. One a major national company when i was younger, got me to test level but I failed and then the instructor kind of gave up on me.

Then last year I decided to start again after an 11 year break. I made he mistake of choosing a company that was extremely cheap! In 7 hours of lessons the instructor did not show me any manouvers or take me on the A14! The instructor then retired and I gave up again!

In April i decided to start again, booked 1 lesson with Driveaway and instantly knew i had found the right person in Alan. At the end of my first lesson i asked to book 20 hours up front, he advised me that wasn't necessary as i did not need that many and informed me that 10 hours would be plenty enough! Showing that he puts customer satisfaction before money, very impressive!

All my lessons were conducted in a friendly manner, at all times i felt comfortable and at no point did i regret my decision to choose Driveaway! I will now be recommending Alan and Driveaway to anyone and everyone that asks! I will also be using them if i choose to do PassPlus!

Thank you Alan, superb!

I passed my test today and couldn't have done it without Andy, the very best instructor i could have asked for, patient, kind and understanding, thank you a million again πŸ™‚

After many years of struggle and lessons with other driving schools I came here and was taught by Anna. She is a brilliant instructor, very calm and patient. She helped me overcome my driving anxiety and finally I passed quickly with her help. I have had many instructors over the years and I can honestly recommend Anna as the best! Thanks Anna!


Really enjoyed learning to drive with Alan. He made it easy and stress free. Passed my test first time with only one minor! Would recommend to anybody!

A massive thank you to Alan Coote who helped me overcome some really bad nerves about the test and pass. He helped me grow in confidence and master the parallel park with a lot of patience and helpful tips - I would highly recommend him, thanks Alan!!!

I had the pleasure of having david as my instructor he was very easy to get along with and made learning very fun and stress free thankyou so much david i would recomend you to anyone wanting to learn,i am now putting my partner in to learn with you.

St neots   

Andy George is a fantastic driving instructor! Even though it took me a long time to learn to drive, he had so much patience with me and was very good at easing my nerves:)
Now I'm driving on my own with my nerves at all and that's thanks to him!
Passed 2nd time!


Ian was an absolutely fantastic instructor! Very understanding and generally a nice bloke. Always has a smile on his face. Very welcoming and ill miss having my lessons with him! Thank you Ian

Hi Alan, Thank you soo much for teaching me to drive. Your lessons were really enjoyable and i cant believe i passed so quickly. Passing first time was great(with 5 minors) even though i only learnt to slow my clutch foot down the lesson before my test πŸ˜‰ I will miss you but see you on the road. THANK YOU x

Ray, Thank you very much for all your help and support. I really enjoyed my lessons with you. I still can't believe I have passed my test!! Hannah

I strongly recommend Ray to anyone who wants to learn to be a safe and intelligent driver. Thank you, Ray, for helping me pass today by rightly cracking down on my need for speed! Although, you also taught me that black is white, so I am not responsible for what happens at the next pedestrian crossing (Kidding)!! πŸ˜‰ Jokes apart, I have had a great time in the lessons and I am glad that my (read: your) hard work and patience paid off in the end. Despite the Red Bull and chocolate binges. Looking forward to Pass Plus! Cheers! Sadia

Ian was my driving instructor, and he was great! I passed first time, and he made me feel very confident and comfortable behind the wheel of a car. Thanks for all your help and patience Ian!

I highly recommend Andy George. He teaches with patience and humour. As a slightly older learner I am extremely grateful for his calm demeanor and reassuring comments when I struggled with my confidence. I passed first time. Thank you Andy.


Ray is a great instructor and is really supportive! I have a real laugh with him and even teaches me new words πŸ˜€ I recommend him to anyone who wants to start having lessons! Katie

Thank you so much for your brilliant teaching.... you are sweetest, loveliest and most patient person to drive with! You must have taught me very well since I passed 1st time and that means a lot. Eleri

Just passed my test the first time yesterday! I can't thank my instructor Andy George enough! About month ago, with a limited budget for fees, desperate to pass the test ASAP and having had a very unpleasant experience with the previous instructor, I contacted Driveaway for help. I had the first 2-hour lesson with Ray who was able to correct some of my fundamental weaknesses which were not picked up by my former instructor even after 20 hours! But then I needed an intensive course which Ray could not offer in a short notice. I was fortunate that Andy George was then able to take me on since a number of people that called Andy after me had to wait a bit until he got me out of the way! Andy did his best to work around my busy schedule so that I could have as many lessons as I need before the test. He makes things simple and straightforward. His teaching tools were all very helpful: comprehensive hand-outs, graphic illustrations, satellite maps. He was able to explain concepts and methods very clearly. Andy is very easy-going and not calculative in terms of going over paid hours. To me the most important of all is his patience. Due to a particular traumatic incident experienced as a teenager, I am a very cautious driver and not very good at all with driving fast. But being cautious does not mean being safe. I used to make all sorts of common mistakes which learner drivers normally do. Andy totally understands the fact that these mistakes disappear by persistent practice and perseverance and not by telling off! He believes in learning from mistakes. At some point I got absolutely stressed out and thought I could never do it. But Andy was sympathetic and was able to draw me out of my self-disappointment with his great sense of humour. I would definitely recommend Andy!

I had Dacid Hurdidge for my driving instructor and I found him really calm polite and very useful. He played a great part in helping me pass first time with only 3 minors.
Thank you!


I passed my test first time today after 40 hours instruction with Andy George. Andy is everything you could ask for in a driving instructor - his explanations were always clear, and his patience and kindness never faltered no matter how many mistakes I made! He is always punctual and gives his full attention when you are behind the wheel. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

My instructor was Andy, whom a friend had recommended, and I have to say, thank goodness for the recommendation! - He was an absolutely fantastic instructor and was the reason I passed first time! He was calm, very thorough, knew his stuff better than anyone and gave you confidence - I cannot thank him enough and I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor. This is a great driving school and I am so thankful and lucky I found them and him!

Thank you so much Andy!


Ray was and I am sure still is an absolutely brilliant instructor! Even though he was my only instructor I could not imagine going to another person. Quality guy with the occasional crack at a joke, teaches very well giving quality instructing and guidance. He will get you to pass your test quickly and easily! Thanks Ray, will miss the lessons.

Dear Alan "from little me" just to say thanks for sorting me out, four Instructors and then I found you, who would have thought little me 1st time! Lots of love. Sarah xxx

Just wanted to say a Big Thank you to Alan for all your support and help, you are a great Instructor! and I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help! πŸ™‚


Passed first time with thanks to Ian who is a understanding, helpful and brilliant driving instructor. He makes driving lessons stress free and easy to learn with his cheerful disposition and patience! Would recommend him to everyone!

Passed my Driving Test Thanks To Ray :D.. Missing My Learning As Well As My Psychology Lessons :-P. Thank Youuuu !! Gemma. C.

The best instructor ever!!! Zairai Safi thank you indeed for everything! I passed from first time with 2 minors! He done all the best as professional instructor, my head still full of the road rules to drive safely 😊 THANK YOU ZAIRAI SAFI!


Passed first time today with only 3 minors and would like to thank Ian for all of his help and support. I would highly recommend having him as your instructor


Had a great time learning with Andy, improved my driving skills immensely in a fun and informal way. Cambridge is a difficult place to learn so was brilliant that we passed at my first attempt. Many thanks!

North Cambridge   

Ray's an awesome instructor. Passed 1st time with him with only 4 faults. His moaning simply paid off! good luck in the future ray. Joynal

I would just like to thank David for helping me to pass my driving test πŸ™‚ I passed second time around after much encouragement and endless patience from David whilst he listened to my alternative language choices lolz!!! Most of all I have a good laugh...especially when it came to reversing around a corner #hoursoffun. Thanks made learning to drive a memorable experience πŸ™‚

Just passed my test first time this morning... all credits to a great, wonderful driving instructor David.... a mild mannered, straight forward, supportive instructor. thanks ever so much, hope your much appreciated help will be extended to those who people who wants to pass their test first time... thank you...

David, Thank you for helping me to Pass! First time!!.You have been fantastic with me and i still cant believe i have. Thank you, stay in touch, love Amy

Andy was a fantastic instructor - very patient and dedicated, even working weekends to fit in extra lessons. Top quality tuition and a lovely bloke. Some cracking jokes too 🙂


I've had a brilliant instructor with driveaway school of motoring, very laid back and patient. Learning with him has been fun thanks to his great sense of humour. I passed first time, with only 2 minors, with only 10 hours (5 Lessons). He got myself and my sister through driving lessons and the test first time, and got us both up and driving in no time. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Andy I passed first time, with only 3 minors brilliant teacher very patient and was very flexible with my lessons, thanks a lot and see you on the road πŸ™‚

Just passed my test, Thanks to Andy, I couldn't of asked for a better instructor, he was patient and understanding, and would always help and methods if need be, thanks again

A big thank you to Ian who had the patience to teach me (i know it must have been frustrating watching me fail when should have been passing) great friendly guy would deffinetly recomend to anyone.


I had Alan as my instructor, passed theory and practical first time with only two minors thanks to him! Wouldn't of had anyone else! Was so patient with me even when I stressed out! Always looked forward to my lessons because I loved them and will miss having them now that I have passed!

Thank you so much, Alan, for all of the driving lessons! You've been a great instructor and I'm so happy for passing with only one minor! See you on the roads! Sarah

Ray, Thank you so much for being so kind. Thank You. Justyna

I passed my driving test at the first attempt after 24 hours tuition with Alan. He is a brilliant instructor, very much in tune with his learners and the requirements of the examiners. He is extremely patient and provides clear explanations of the theory and practice of driving which is ideal for the complete novice who has never driven before. Alan, your efforts were much appreciated. Thank you very much.

St Ives   

Just a note to say thank you Ray, I know it took a while but I got there in the end. Thanks again.

Ray, Thank you for getting me through the driving test and for being so patient, it was what I needed. Joanne.

Alan!! Thank you so much for your lessons and your patience! I passed 1st time with 4 minors thanks to Alan who stayed calm and patient despite my stressing and mistakes. I'd recommend to anyone.

I can't thank Ian enough he was so patient with me as I was a very nervous person at first and he calmed me down so much. He was very understanding and always smiling and happy I've had horrible instructors before who shout and he didn't once was very calm if I did something wrong and helped me correct it. I passed first time so thanks again Ian going to miss having lessons with you would defiantly recommend him.


Well today i PASSED!!!! first time, I cant begin so say how grateful i am to the guys at driveaway i started with Ray who was really nice and got me over my initial worries and helped me get on board with basics then i moved over to Ian with him being closer and he was a star! I wouldn't of done it without his teaching i felt so comfortable and at ease i will never hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone. After all that anxiety i complained about ...hmm they taught me to control it and to be confident and you really don't realize what a difference you have made to me and my life and having this pass now is the next step for me and i am on the road (haha) to an even better future with endless possibilities p.s Ian I didn't ruin your street cred with your pass success rate! x


WOW!!! I passed it! Ray, you really are the best! Thank you for teaching me the ways of the road and for getting me through my test successfully second time round. My life has been changed and I now have so many new possibilities opened up to me! You are a brilliant instructor- you're so patient!!! THANK YOU RAY!!!!!! Emma. D.

Just to say a really big thank you Ray for being such a top driving instructor. I really enjoyed learning to drive with you - in fact the only bad thing about passing is that I will miss our lessons. Thank again - you were brilliant. Cathy

Thank you so much to Alan! He was such a brilliant teacher and was so patient with me, even though I am not always the most focused! When I started with Alan, I had already had about 14 hours driving lessons previously elsewhere and had not learnt half as much as I learnt in the first hour long lesson with him. He takes the time and effort to make sure you fully understand everything and is always happy to recap if you struggle with it later on. Still can't believe I passed with 5 minors and know I couldn't of done it with out him! Thanks again Alan, wish you all the best!

Having lived in the UK for 10 years and never wanting to drive, I was definitely nervous to undertake lessons. But Andy had me comfortably motoring around in no time. He really helped to build my confidence, teach me the rules of the road and give me the skills I need to be a safe and comfortable driver. And... he was a good laugh along the way! I would heartily recommend Andy as a teacher - patient, supportive and fun. Thank you again for everything!


Thanks for all the really fun lessons Ray & for putting up with me! Gurj

David, Thank you for being so thoughtful and to let you know how much your kindness meant.

I first started with AA Driving school with a guy called Adam and i thought i wasn't learning that much for the price i was paying, my mate told me to change instructors to the instructor he was with and i thought i would give it ago with Linda and after having a few lessons i was learning so much and at that point i booked my theory and passed. After i passed my theory i booked my practical test and i passed first time , i don't think i could have done it without Linda's help and helping me learn quickly.
Thank You
Linda Morley

St Ives   

Thanks Jonathan Philips for helping me pass first time! He's fantastic driving instructor. I ended up with only one minor fault on the test sheet, and I know I couldn't have done it without John's help. Added to that, he was always really friendly to me and made sure his lessons were enjoyable. Thanks very much! And keep on playing those drums 🙂


Thanks for your patience and all the lessons (and sorry about the early start!) - it all paid off in the end!!! Passed with 2 minors πŸ™‚ Thanks for being an awesome teacher Ray πŸ™‚ Sarah. H.

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Alan, he is so relaxed and patient. I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again πŸ™‚

I've just passed my test at the age of 31 with the help of Linda. I'd tried several instructors over the years and was really scared of driving, but Linda's calm, reassuring style helped me become a confident driver and now I can't wait to get my own car. Highly recommended! Thanks Linda!

St Ives   

Passed with only 2 minors! Fantastic teacher, really makes you feel comfortable and confident with driving, manouevres become a piece of cake, a million times better than BSM. Thanks Ray! Michael.

Passed my test first time with 2 minors and had so much fun learning with Alan. Really good teacher and v patient. Couldn't recommend him any more. Thanks!!!!!!!


Passed my test today.

My Instructor was Ian Rowe. I have had a very good experience with him. Never under any sort of pressure, he had this very calm & relaxing environment maintain inside whilst driving which helps a lot.

Thanks Ian.It was a real pleasure learning to drive with you.


My sincere thanks to David Hurdidge. Can't imagine a better driving instructor than him : skilled, patient, friendly and trustworthy - real professional. Even being a skilled driver, I can hardly see myself passing driving test here in UK the first time without him correcting my driving habits and polishing existing driving skills, all in all, making me a far better driver than I were, and that is just in a course of handful of lessons. Again, thanks a lot, David!


I would recommend Driveaway driving school to anyone. I used and I was impressed.The instructors are very professional same as any top driving schools. Yet very friendly and I liked how they tried to tailor the lessons around me and my situation.

As a result I became very confident and passed first time.


After having 2 instructors from other schools, I chose Driveaway based on these testimonials. I'm glad I made that decision. Alan is a great instructor with 25 years experience. He is always patient and punctual and I passed after 15 hours of lessons, and each lesson I felt that I had progressed better than I ever had with my previous instructors. Thank you so much Alan - and I'm looking forward to taking Pass Plus lessons with you soon!

Andy George is my hero!

I've been driving on and off for 11 years, starting shortly after my 17th birthday. I was never very confident and coupled with a first - and a few years later a second - failed test I never really stuck at it, and between university and graduation and moving to London I just gave up for a long time.

My old driving instructor had long since retired when I decided about six months ago that enough was enough. I got in touch with Driveaway and was connected to Andy. In next to no time he got me test-ready and confident and did so with incredible patience and good humour. He's a brilliant teacher for both of those reasons - also because he has a knack for realising when he needs to explain something in a different way when you're just not 'getting it'. I took my third test yesterday and passed with only six minors, which I owe to the very lovely Andy George. He's awesome and if you have him on side you have every reason to be confident about getting your license quickly. Big thanks to Andy.

Andy, couldn't ask for better driving instructor than him. He has lots of patience and has many techniques to make you learn. He picks very easily on weakest points and corrects them. His intentions were always more than passing the driving test to be a safe driver. He helped me a lot to gain confidence at every step. I was afraid to learn driving but he made it to be fun. Would highly recommend to anyone. Best 'GURU' :)..Three cheers to you!!!

Dear David. Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test.You were a great instructor and I m really grateful to you . Thanks again , Love from Laura.

After being let down by another instructor close to my test I was feeling in a bit of a panic when I contacted driveaway. They put me in touch with Andy who was fantastic. He was really patient and a good clear teacher as well as being just a really nice guy. I passed first time which I never would have thought possible so thanks Andy! Wish I had just gone with him from the start. Would recommend him to anyone πŸ™‚

I had Andy as my driving instructor and can't recommend him enough. Andy is a lovely friendly guy and is very attentive to your individual needs and driving level and tailors the lessons accordingly. He's great at explaining where you are going wrong in an informative way, and gives plenty of encouragement as well. I passed first time with only 2 minors and could not have done it without Andy's excellent tuition.


Thank you Andy for being so patient whilst teaching me to drive - passed first time! It really shows anyone can pass with the right teacher! See you for pass plus!


Ray, This is just a little note to say thanks for preparing me so well and giving me the confidence as a driver. It is a great feeling to have a Full Drivers Licence and to know that I did it! Thanks for making learning to drive so much fun. Evelina

Thanks again for everything Ray! You have been a fantastic teacher over the last few months and I can't wait for me new car to arrive so I can finally be independently mobile. I will be coming back for a Pass Plus course very soon. Ian. M

I had failed my first practical test even after having gone through over 40 hours of lessons with another driving school and trying several different instructors. I was impressed by the reviews I read here and decided to try Driveaway. After my first lesson with my instructor, Erkan, it wasn’t a surprise anymore that I hadn’t passed because I was clearly missing the necessary knowledge and skills to be a safe driver. Erkan had to ensure that I got rid of the unsafe habits I had picked up previously, which is way more difficult than teaching someone who is completely new to driving. He quickly identified and focused on the things that were faulty and corrected them. He was flexible with lesson arrangements to suit my convenience, arrived punctually and often added 10-15 minutes at the end of the lessons for my benefit.

Result: I passed my test in under 15 hours of lesson. Thanks to Erkan!


I've had a brilliant instructor with Driveaway, very laid back and patient. Learning with him has been fun thanks to his great sense of humour.

Thanks very much Alan for putting up with me so patiently, you're well overdue for a sainthood! It's been good fun learning with you. I will be recommending you to everybody. I'm sure you won't forget me. Laura xx.

Dave, Thought I would never need 2 do it again but actually had 2 reverse around a corner yesterday! And I was successful and did it with ease:) have really enjoyed driving! Thanks for your patience n teaching me. Hope all well! Cyd.

Thank you so much Alan (and Andy for the few lessons with you!) for all your help and support whilst learning to drive. You have been incredibly supportive, friendly and patient and I could not have done without you πŸ™‚ All the hard work paid off and I have now passed!

My instructor was ANDY GEORGE. I am yet another student to pass first time with Andy, and that is due to his outstanding teaching. He has been very flexible with my lessons, patient whilst teaching me and has found different methods to ones that I could not grasp. He has always been calm and assuring, boosting my confidence and giving me further road experience for pass plus. Thoroughly recommended.

The best! With his good sense of humour, the lessons were relaxed and fun. He is very patient and laid back. I would highly recommend Driveaway! I passed 1st time with only 7 minors, and only 10 hrs (5 lessons). I was passed i no time at all.

I already had a US license when I had lessons with Erkan, he was perfect at judging what I needed to work on without wasting any time going over stuff that was already good enough. Definitely the guy to go to if you want to get right to the point. Really helpful advice as well.


Just passed today morning. Erkan was absolutely amazing. Got lot of extra lessons and tips free of cost. I should have started here and saved a lot of money. Believe me, it is worth every penny. Much better than spending your money on multiple practical tests.

I did almost 50 classes with another instructor and failed twice. Luckily I met Erkan and he pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have not seen him quiet inside the car, always on his toes, pointing out my faults. I am no more afraid of cars and gears. He taught me how to control the car and be comfortable on different kinds of roads. Amazing energy he has and he really fought for me. With Erkan I passed the first time and he also helped me to be a confident driver. Now I feel like I can drive anywhere and can confidently take my little girls out for a ride. And finally 'I can feel the car now' 🙂

Thanks a lot Erkan.


My driving instructor, Ian, made my driving experience very enjoyable with his kind and easy approach to teaching, I would recommend him to anyone as he was so easy to get on with and made me feel very comfortable from when I first met him and throughout my experience!

Thank You Ian!!

I'm an American and I had driven in America for 15 years and considered myself a safe defensive driver with little road rage. However, as can happen in the US, I did not have to take a driving course or test to obtain my license to drive. I had heard from many Americans that passing the UK driving test in Cambridge was difficult and I should take lessons. So I signed up for a test at Cowley Rd and had many lessons with Andy George. Over time I was able to learn how to improve my US driving style to the level that was required of me here in the UK. It wasn't easy for me but Andy was considerate and polite during the difficult time where I needed to learn to change some of my bad US habits. Andy was prompt and always showed up on time for my lessons.
I'm happy to say that because of his instruction I was able to pass my test on the first time and am a satisfied customer.


Andy was a great teacher and he got me to pass 1st time, as he pointed out all my mistakes and showed me how to fix them. Also he was always up for helping me for both the Theory test and the Practical test.


Thanks so much to for his patience and humour and expert guidance to help me to familiarise my driving skills using hand controls after years of using my feet. He has helped me to gain confidence. His lessons were always enjoyable.

Couldn't ask for a better instructor than Andy. Professional, reliable and great fun, it made the process of learning so much easier. I have recommended Andy to friends before and will continue to do so. Thanks again!


I passed my test today!! Thank you Ray, you have been so supportive and so very patient. It was a great journey πŸ™‚ Many thanks, Stephanie

I PASSED, first time (only 4 minors). Thank you so much Andy, for being patient, supportive, friendly, an excellent driving instructor, really enjoyed my lessons with you. Will defiantly recommend you to everyone.

Also a big Thank you for helping me with my theory, which I also passed first time.


Having started out on my first lesson on my 17th Birthday as a nervous wreck, Andy George was funny, calm and patient and so I passed my test first time after about 35 lessons. He is a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to everyone learning to drive. I'm not sure how he manages it but his pupils seem to have a much higher pass rate than the country's average. Thanks again Andy!

Thank you so much to Christopher Armes for having so much patience with me I'm 47 and i never believed in myself that I could ever pass a test and Chris was there every step of the way with me not once did he let me down. We laughed on every lesson he was always calm and I've made a best friend. Thank you Chris you're the best x

I passed my driving test the first time and need to say a big thank you to my brilliant instructor Andy George. My husband had very good experience with Andy a couple of years ago, so when I started to choose instructor he recommended Andy to me. This is absolutely a correct decision. Andy is everything you ask for in a driving instructor. With his clear and patient explanation, I can definitely feel my improvement in confidence and skills of driving. Thank you Andy for all your hard work!

Thanks Andy for helping me with driving lessons.You have been an excellent instructor! You are friendly and have lot of patience. Your methodical teaching helped me to pass my test and become a better driver on road. I would recommend him to anyone. THANKS A LOT!!

Thank you so so much! You are star, I'll really miss our lessons. Caty

I want to thank Paul for helping me passing my driving test in 2 weeks without any previous driving experience. He’s an amazing instructor, I had lots of fun learning with him and I reccomend him to everyone.


All i will say is thank you very much to an excellent driving instructor. Could not ask for a better instructor,would recommend Ray to everyone. I really enjoyed my lessons. Thanks Ray

Big thank you to Andy for being such a great driving instructor. Got me from absolute zero (never really had sat in the drivers seat before) to a good level in about 30 hours (3 minors). Good opportunist instructor (I remember that fog on lesson 3) and teaches you to drive well rather than just ticking all the boxes to pass the test. I cannot compare to other instructors (as I only needed Andy), but he is a really safe bet if you want to learn quickly and correctly. Thanks for everything.


I had Linda as my instructor. I've never met anyone so patient! How she put up with me I'll never know making mistake after mistake but by some miracle with her patient coaching I've made it and passed my test!
I started off really nervous and worried it would take forever to pass but Linda took it all in her stride and gave me so many helpful tips to get me through. Is recommend learning with Linda to absolutely anyone and I can't give her enough praise, she's absolutely amazing. Thank you SO much!

St Ives   

My driving instructor was Ian Rowe a.k.a. The best!! I passed my driving test first time with only one minor fault, and my learning experience was very enjoyable. A big thank you Ian as you're the best instructor I could have hoped for!!!



Have passed first time!!!! A very big thank you to Erkan who has done a fantastic job and was flexible to fit lessons around my working hours :)


Want to say a massive thank you to Ian who has built my confidence up massively in driving and has given me all the skills I needed to pass my test. Couldn't get a more patient and kind teacher! Would recommend Ian to everyone I can as he is the best instructor out there!! Thank you so much Ian!


It's been a pleasure learning to drive with Adam. Phenomenal driving instructor, I don't think I'm a particularly naturally gifted driver, but Adam did an amazing job and taught me really well. Thanks to him I managed to pass my driving test first time with just two faults. Thanks a lot Adam!


Would just like to say a massive thankyou to Ian it's thanks to him that I passed my test today! Ian is a Great instructor and I would recommend him, he is supportive and didn't judge no matter how many times I cut someone up, (obviously don't do that anymore) so a big thankyou to Ian! I hope you don't miss my mallory moments too much, thankyou for all your hard work though! πŸ™‚

Alan thanks very much for all the enjoyable lessons. Best wishes for the future. Jim

I learnt to drive last autumn with Andy's help; great combination of experience, knowledge, and patience, with plenty of humorous banter! Would definitely recommend his teaching to anyone learning to drive, especially anyone who's a little (or a lot!) nervous... :o)


I was lucky enough to have such a patient, calm and helpful driving instructor (Linda Moorley). She would always be willing to help me go over and over and over anything I wanted/ needed more practice in. Linda talked me through every single part of driving and came up with some new reference points for any manoeuvres I was struggling with, tailoring it so we found something that worked for me. She was encouraging and so friendly, we even had a giggle each driving lesson, which was a fab bonus. I enjoyed every lesson and found a real love for driving, which I think was helped by her keeping so calm and supportive when I was very nervous at first! I would highly recommend her/ driveaway.

St Ives   

Just passed my driving test this morning. Thank you David, you were really tremendous!!! Could not have done it without your patience and encouragement. You're AWESOME.

Ray is a great teacher and really gives you confidence when driving. He doesn't just become your driving instructor he becomes your friend πŸ™‚ thank you so much ray im guna miss you! Katie. W

Alan, Thanks for all your help and ALL your patience. Best wishes. Christian

I want to thanks Erkan for helping me passing my driving test!

I had a different instructor before him and took lesson for 1 year and a half And failed twice! I then changed instructor And realised that i haven't been tough properly! With Erkan it took me 2 months and I passed !! Erkan is straight to the point very professional you are not wasting any time with him!
Thanks again Erkan !


Thank you very much Ray for all the patience and nagging "it worked" I had loads of fun and will miss you lots. Melanie

Just want to thank Ian for enabling me to pass my test first time the other day! An incredibly friendly guy and and an amazing instructor. Gives you so much confidence behind the wheel and has great patience when you just cant get things right. Would thoroughly recommend Ian to anyone!

St Ives   

Ian Rowe, a great instructor and teacher all round nice guy, helped me pass first time and highly recommend his services

Little Paxton   

From the very beginning I found Dave to be a very professional and friendly person. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Dave's approach to teaching was both friendly and informative. With his help I passed both my theory and practical first time. I would definitely recommend him to everyone! Harumi

Chris Armes taught me to drive automatic & he's a brilliant instructor - patient, calm and encouraging. He really helped me get over my nerves & believed I could pass (even when I didn't!) highly recommended for anyone who's an anxious driver. Thank you so much for your perseverance with me! I'm thrilled to have passed.

St Ives   

I changed driving instructors to Alan, great instructor, I passed first time. Would highly recommend.


Great guy. Great Instructor. Thanks again Ray, was a pleasure. Martin

Passed first time with four minors. All thanks to Ray - amazing instructor. All of you are extremely fortunate to have him as an instructor. Not only a good and patient teacher, but a great guy to talk to. Thanks for everything Ray. x
ps. driving on the continent is craazzzyy!! Mark

I honestly couldn't have asked or imagined a more amazing, helpful, funny and patient instructor than Ray. I looked forward to every one of my lessons, and i'm now going to miss our weekly 'rants!'. Ray, you have been so supportive throughout and I owe confidence and competence whilst driving entirely down to you. I would recommend Ray to absoloutley anyone. Thank you again Ray sooo much! Georgia x

Dear Alan thanks for helping me pass my driving test! You were a really great teacher. I'll miss the lessons mainly because at the moment I don't have a car to drive. Thanks again. P.S. Congratulations on Isabel passing first time as well.

My driving instructor was (Zairai) "Safi".
He was amazing, he was very clear and concise when teaching the rules of the road and answered every concern/worry that I had about the test! He was very committed, and when my previous instructor disappeared Safi accommodated my lessons quickly and effectively!
I can now happily say that I have passed my test with zero faults!
Thanks Safi!


Alan was my Driveaway instructor and he was brilliant. I found that since driving with him I had so much more confidence on the road. He explains things in a logical and very clear way; everything made a lot more sense. He is very calm and I always felt at ease in the car, and he was very patient with me! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive, as you can tell he has masses of experience and is extremely knowledgable. 5 star lessons, I will miss them a lot!

My instructor was Alan Coote. I don't know how i would have passed without him (I passed first time)! He was really patient with me and is a brilliant teacher. I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much!

I have been nervous about driving and never needed to drive before moving to Cambridgeshire.

David was absolutely fantastic at putting me at ease, teaching me the manoeuvre and keeping me on my toes with the Highway Code questions.

As a result I passed my driving test 1st time and it is all thanks to David and his great work.

Thanks you so much for everything David !!!!

Ray, Thank you a Agazzillion. There's no way I would have been able to pass without you! May the force be with you. Charlotte

I cannot thank Andy enough for helping every step of the way up to this amazing moment of passing my driving test on the second attempt, would recommend him to any and all that want a fair and brilliant instructor.
Thank you again Andy


Thank you so much to my driving instructor ALAN COOTE, he is a fantastic instructor with a lot of patience. He helped me pass my theory test and took the time and effort to teach me. I had my practical test today and I passed with only 3 minors :). I never had much confidence or faith in believing in myself but ALAN always reassured me and told me I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it. if I made a mistake he would take the time and detail to go through it with me. Thank you so much Alan for all your time and effort and most importantly for putting up with me moaning for the past 6 months . You are a brilliant instructor!

Passed first time with Ian as my instructor, gave me confidence behind the wheel and made everything seem so easy to pick up. Would definitely recommend learning with him!


If you want to learn how to drive properly, and get the most out of every lesson then Erkhan is a great instructor to have. He ensured that I truly knew what I was doing and gave me great confidence in my ability and for the test. I have had previous instructors who did not really instruct how to drive, you will get a proper lesson with Erkhan. I have just passed my test with 5 minors, he is highly recommended. Thanks Erkhan!


Ray is an absolutely wonderful driving instructor. Loved all of my lessons and my confidence grew, with each lesson, thanks to Ray. I also passed first time thanks to all the help and support from Ray. Would recommend him to everyone!!! Thank you Ray. I miss our lessons πŸ™

Big thanks to David who helped me pass first time, very honest and friendly and knows what he's talking about! Comfortable car and atmoshphere. Would recommend to anyone looking to start learning.

St Neots   

Thanks to Ian who helped me past my test. I'm an experienced driver who knows how to drive, but did not know what it took to pass the driving test. Ian provided me a couple of driving lessons and I passed the first time.

Thank you David for teaching me to drive, would totally recommend you to anyone looking for a patient and very helpful teacher!

Grateful thanks for his support and confidence in my ability and amazing tuition after only 30 minutes and asking me to put in for my test! Shocked as I'd only ever had 2 previous lessons in my life and gave up on the previous instructor, resigning myself never to be able to get my license. I contacted Mr Safi and thankfully he was the answer to my prayers. After only 5 lessons (10 hrs) I passed first time. He told me my grandchildren will be safe with me in my car! Eternally grateful and can't recommend him enough. Thank you Safi. Xxx


With a natural lack of talent in the driving department and a constant toddler-induced sleep deprivation, I was probably one of the worst students Andy has met! He's been a great driving instructor, always very helpful and patient. I am pleased to say I passed my driving test, which without Andy would have been near impossible. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who wants to learn driving. Most of all, I will miss all the funny chats we used to have. Andy, a big big BIG thank you from Maria!!!


Lessons with Alan at Driveaway were excellent. I always looked forward to my session every week. The car was modern and always clean; the notes and descriptions given were great!

Passed first time with only one minor!

Thanks to Alan , for all enjoyable lessons . You are the best instructor ever .


When I first started driving I was highly nervous and unconfident. Since then Ray has made me into a component driver who feels safe and assured of my driving abilities. He made the lessons fun and I can't thank him enough! πŸ™‚

David, you gave me the best driving experience ever, you made it fun, relaxed, informative and the best time ever. I learned so much and it paid of by me passing first time. You made me look forward to my next lesson and sad when it came to an end. Huge thanks to you and you know know how much it meant to me. I would reccomend you to absolutely anybody and I will text you when im stuck with my reverse parking!! Lol

Ray, Fantastic instructor……………. and errrrmmmmm agony uncle!!! lmfao πŸ˜‰
Very understanding, even with my bizzare phobia of roundabouts ………….(which has now gone completely!!) I
passed my driving test 1st time with not a single minor fault. I actually miss our lessons as your quite a giggle………….. for an oldie!!!
Loads of people comment on what a safe and confident driver i am, that is single handedly down to you Ray!! You boosted my confidence when i felt like crying and givining up, after ever single drive you left me feeling positive and eager for my next lesson! Bex

Thank you for all your hard work. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Keep in touch. Soph

Ray, Got there in the end, thank you so much for your help! with only two minors as well! woop! now am official taxi service for my sisters - think they're happier than i am at me passing! πŸ™‚ cheers again.

Thanku isn't a big enough work for what uve done for me today re 'my car' and the confidence u have in me and my driving David. I have not felt this elated and confident in a long time. I will always refer u as second to none to anyone that wants to learn to drive. I cannot wipe this silly grin from my face lol Thankyou David πŸ˜‰ x

I just passed on the 18th at my 2nd attempt. David was amazing! He boosted my confidence and believed I could do it. I wouldn't have been able to do this without him. Thank you sooooo much!

Thank you Mr Ray (simply the best driving instructor in the world) 4 all ya hard work with me to get me through my test First time with only 6 minors:-), if i can do it I'm sure anyone who is willing can too. cya ya around in my lil blue fiesta mate. Christopher

Can definitely recommend Ray as an excellent instructor - I passed first time with not too much trauma. The lessons were really stress-free and enjoyable! Really good at explaining things, not getting annoyed at repeated ignoring of instructions/near death experiences and reinforcing the really key messages. I'm also actually going to miss driving about and having a chat. Thanks a lot.

David, the greatest driving instructor in the world! happy christmas and have a brilliant new year. Thanks for all your help. Becca

David, many thanks for the pass plus lessons - it was a great fun; and thank you so much for helping me selecting my first car. I'm very pleased to have chosen you as my driving instructor. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

I would like to thank, and recommend, Ian (Godmanchester) for his patience and uplifting personality over the last few months. He was my second instructor, and once found, nothing could have caused me to switch again! Nervous, lacking in confidence, and prone to panic, I honestly never expected to pass - let alone first time! Ian was always calm and reassuring, and wouldn't let me chicken out of anything! Whilst I absolutely recommend that you have him as your instructor, please be warned.. He comes out with some of the most terrible jokes!

Ian, thank you for everything xx


A big thank you to David, who really helped me to pass my test! A fantastic instructor who I would recommend to all!! David was very helpful and patient and made sure I was confident in everything I needed to know. Thanks again David!


Thanks very much to for getting me through my test on the first attempt with only a single minor mark, I always enjoyed lessons and I look forward to pass plus.

David, just had my test and passed first time. Couldn't be more thankful if I tried. I started doing lessons with him a few months back and I had bad experience with previous instructors but soon as I got into the car with david I knew he was so much better. He makes the lessons enjoyable, relaxed and instructive. He is great to chat too about anything and likes to play jokes. His teaching method is fantastic. He has taught me everything I needed to pass and I did. Everything he says sinks in and you will realise this when your driving around. Can't wait to start pass plus with him and have more driving experience. If you want a great instructor, david is the bloke to go with. Many thanks William

Dear Alan, after throwing money away with a 'bad' instructor ("that woman!") and finding driving lessons very stressful, I was so glad to find you! Thank you for being a great teacher. You made learning to drive so enjoyable and, after passing first time, I am becoming a confident driver. As you said after I passed, "a happy day and a sad day". I will miss our weekly drives! For anyone unsure of which driving school to pick, choose Alan! I will be recommending him to everyone! Jo (St Ives)

Finally passed my test, all thanks to Alan for being so patient and calm with me through each lesson we had. I've had a few instructors in the past but Alan was by far the best one I had, and I really don't think I could've passed without him. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Best instructor I could have ever imagined and more! I couldn't have made it without the moral support, understanding and humour. Thank you for everything, Ray, and looking forward to "rock and roll" soon!

I just want to thank Ian so much when I first got into the cat I was so nervous and scared and he changed that straight away. Was very understanding and helpful did a 20hr intensive course with him and he was brilliant and I past first time. So thanks so much for putting up with me and helping me past brilliant driver instructor.


A massive thank you to Andy for getting me through my test first time with only three minors. He was patient, understanding, and took my previous experience into consideration. His efforts were concentrated on me passing my test not on how much money he could squeeze out of me (unlike previous experiences). Would definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking to pass their test, gain confidence or has had bad experiences in the past. 11/10


My 17 year old son passed his driving test first time thanks to Andy George's brilliant instruction, great patience and good humour - absolutely the right approach, particularly for teenagers. We can't thank Andy enough and have recommended him to all our friends.


Passed first time today and couldn't have done it without Andy!! Thank you!!!


Alan made driving enjoyable by making it simple and comprehensible. I would recommend him to anyone. Zara

My instructor was ANDY GEORGE and I passed first time. ANDY Was patient, taught me in a way I understood and gave me some really useful hints for my future driving. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. Thanks ANDY and Driveaway for all your effort to get me on the road!

Hi Andy, thanks for the coaching. I am quite impressed of your patience in guiding me through. I didn't got my test passed the 1st time but it was due to my lost-minded on observation, nothing connect to your coaching. With your support to give me lessons with great flexibility on short notice, I managed to prepare for the 2nd attempt well and finally got it through. Thank you very much. / Beeven

Just passed my test first time with no minors. Thank you Alan!

I would definitely recommend lessons with Alan, a brilliant instructor, and always calm in the car despite any mistakes I made! Thanks again, Vicki πŸ™‚

It was a fantastic experience learning to drive with David. I was a nervous driver before, however, after couple of lessons I felt very comfortable behind the wheel. David's teaching methods were proven to be very successful as I passed my driving test first time! Many thanks David! I enjoyed learning with him, he is very professional and friendly. Highly recommend him!

Ray, Thank you for everything. See you in 3 years when the next one's ready to learn. We would like Sue to do the pass plus course, I will phone you when she tells me her free time. Best wishes. Kerrie L.

Ray is a brilliant instructor! After being a horrific driver at the start, he has helped be grow in confidence and I now love it! It really cant have been easy for him, but he was very calm and has a HUGE amount of patience. You are right my week will not be the same now! I recommend him to anyone! Thanks you so much! Claire. R.

Dear David,

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test in the very first attempt.. Cant believe it!!!. All credit goes to you. You have been so patient in teaching me. It was so much fun and chilled out your classes. Never felt the pressure. You are a STAR. Cant thank enough. Would definitely recommend Dave to anybody.

Lots of luv.

Just a little thank you for the lessons. You've made me a better and more confident driver and thought me a few things about myself. You're the best. I'm honoured and very glad to have met you. Take care and thanks again. Stephanie

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Andy- calm, patient and helpful, he helped me to get over any concerns and doubts I had about learning to drive. And his jokes weren't bad either!

Thanks for getting David through his test first time.We will get in touch when our daughter is 17 & needs lessons!

Ray helped me pass first time. He's very down to earth and calm - even with someone like me behind the wheel! He has been very accomodating in his teaching and I would recommend Ray to anyone looking for quality and experience at a great price.

I passed first time. Another instructor from another driving school told me that I wasn't going to be able to drive and dump me! but then I found Andy and he was the light at the end of the tunnel, he was very patient and funny. I am very grateful to Andy for his time, passion and patience.


Thank you so much to David Hurdidge for all your hard work, patiences in helping me pass my test.
I'm so glad I changed instructors because I really don't think I'd of done it otherwise.
Anyone looking for an instructor in this area I would highly recommend David.
I have recommended him to 2 friends.
Thank you again I really appreciate your time and effort that was put in.

Laura Johnson

St Neots Cambridgeshire   

Ian is a fantastic driving instructor and I really enjoyed my lessons with him. I've now passed my test and I am so much more confident than I was when I first started learning. Thank you for all your help Ian!


I passed my test today first time and I can safely say it was all down to Erkans fantastic instructing. Previously I was with a different driving school and after lessons with Erkan he corrected me on many things and it made me a far better driver and really helped me feel comfortable and confident behind the wall . Erkan taught me to pass my test but also how to be a good driver for life. I would recommend him to anyone going forward he is a great teacher and so worth the money. Thank you Erkan.


Linda took me on about a month before my test after a last minute decision to swap. She really helped build my confidence created a relaxed environment which made me feel more at ease when driving. Thanks to Linda I felt ready for my test and passed first time!

St Ives   

I didn't want to learn driving . I felt it was a chore that I had to do. I didn't see the joy in driving a car from point A to point B. That's until I met Andy from Driveway. Quite simply, an amazing teacher, patient, gave honest feedback and made me see how incredible learning to drive was. Plus, he is an absolute comedian , made me laugh and driving was way more entertaining as a result ! He loves putting on a "cheeky left signal" but a regular "right signal" . That's his catchphrase that I will always remember .

I passed first time because of his help!


Linda was absolutely amazing. Couldn't recommend her higher. I travel constantly and come from a different country, not an easy thing to deal with as a driving instructor, for far too many reasons. She was amazing. Incredibly patient and worked with me until she ultimately got me the pass i needed, to finally get things going here. Eternally grateful, if there were a million stars she'd get em all.

St. Ives   

Ian was an amazing instructor, calm and comforting. Always ready to help and easily understandable. 120% worth it.


Over the last couple of driving lessons I have had with David Ward there is no doubt that he is a wonderful driving instructor! The lessons were very useful and guiding and I would recommend driveaway to anyone! Crizzel

Thanks so much to Ian who helped me so much with my nerves and couldn't have given me better instruction. He was always so positive and professional and I completely owe my pass certificate to him!

Alan, You must be the best driving instructor ever! (and the bravest) Have a wonderful life with love. Julie F.

Erkan was a great instructor. He always figured out very quickly what my problems areas were (before I even knew!) and was able to tailor each lesson to that. Also he put in a lot of effort and tried to fit me in where possible, especially when it came close to the test. Thanks Erkan, I appreciate it!


Erkan was an amazing instructor! Straight forward and so very helpful. I was able
To pass the practical and theory test the first time and more importantly I improved my daily driving. I would highly recommend Erkan!


Having moved house part-way through my driving tuition I have had the good fortune of being taught by two of Driveaway School of Motoring's excellent instructors; Ray and Alan. I could not have asked for two better individuals to help me on my way to passing my test. Both were calm, experienced and most importantly, patient. Their expert tuition ultimately led me to passing my test first time with five minors. I would recommend their services to all those learning to drive in the area. I began learning to drive with a national chain and found the learning experience stressful and laborious, so decided to change. I was amazed in the difference in and found learning to drive with Alan and Ray an absolute pleasure. If I had continued with the chain I doubt I would have passed first time or been as confident a driver. Thank you both for your good humour and enduring calm. Roberts

Doumo arigato gozaimashida = Thank you very much. Love from Miki

Like to say a massive thanks to Ray - I passed my driving test first time on Thursday with 0 minors!! Must say all the lessons where very constructive and I would recommend him to anyone. His clear and patient training helped me through without a scratch!! Nile. S.

Thanks David, you were a fantastic intrustor, helped me through with ease. I passed my test within 3 and a half months. Couldn't have gone better down to David.


I started driving lessons with Andy on my 17th birthday, nervous because I had never driven before. Andy made me feel completely at ease, teaching everything in clear simple steps. He is patient, funny and has all the right qualities to get you through your test. I would recommend Andy as a brilliant driving instructor to anyone who would like someone reliable, friendly and who makes driving enjoyable. I never thought I'd be able to do a left corner reverse after many attempts but through his patience and knowledge of different methods, I finally found a way that worked for me. Thanks Andy!

Passed today, first time and with only 13 hours on the road.

Alan was my instructor, and he was always very calm and patient, even when I stalled it on the A14 during rush hour or any of the other silly things I did during lessons.

Highly recommended to anybody.


I learned to drive with Ray and he is fantastic! Thanks xx Amanda

Just passed my test with 4 minors (first attempt 🙂 ), many thanks and big hugs to my instructors, Andy and Anna! I started from absolute zero with little hope of ever having a licence, but they were both patient, encouraging and very supportive to help me becoming more and more confident. They prepared me not only for my test but many tricky and life-like situations, therefore, the only surprise on my test was that it went far better than I expected. 🙂
Anna, Andy, thank you again, I really enjoyed the lessons, glad to meet you!


Thanks, I passed first time, after numerous relaxed and informative lessons. I've already recommended his services to friends.

Thank you ray for being patient with me these past few months!! I'm not the easiest of people to teach but you were so patient and here I am with a pass!! I would recommend you to anyone who is starting out and needs a patient, easy going driving instructor! πŸ™‚ thank you x

Andy George's brilliant instruction enabled me to pass my test first time after 4 months. He took the stress away from learning to drive with his calming approach, and always found a way of explaining things that worked best for me. He made use of clever teaching tools with graphics and maps on his iPad to really help me to understand fully, but also knew when to sit back and let me build up experience and learn (safely) from my own mistakes. He was also very flexible in organising lessons that were convenient for me, and did not pressure me at all to take more lessons than I needed (28 hours' worth in addition to private practice). I will miss our chats! Thanks Andy!


After having a terrible time with my driving instructor when I was eighteen I genuinely never thought I would learn to drive, but thanks to Alan I took my test and passed first time despite major nerves which he did everything in his power to help me get past. Thank you so much Alan!

Andy George was my instructor and he has been great! I was such a scared driver at the beginning and he really built my confidence. He has all the tips and tricks for passing the test! He's such a nice guy and a great teacher too, thanks so much Andy for getting me to pass first time with 2 minors! Would recommend to anyone! All the best for the future andy!


I would recommend Andy George to everyone! He made learning to drive much easier than I thought it would be. He was calm and patient when things didn’t go to plan and quickly put me at ease with his sense of humour. His little Seat has everything you want from a car to learn in and he helped me to pass first time with only 2 minors.

Thank you so much Andy!


David, Thank you so much, today I passed my Driving test, first time, with only 3 minors.You are an amazing instructor, taught me so much and I enjoyed your lessons so much that I am going to have some advanced lessons from you. Cannot wait to learn more from you. Again the most amazing instructor and an amazing guy, so patient when I had some blond moments, but you had faith in me which gave me the confidence to get it right. Would never have done it without you. The Gods must have been looking down on me the day I looked on the Internet to find a driving school. The Driveway school of motoring website caught my attention straight away, very professional and more than lived up to my expectations. As soon as I saw David, I thought that's the guy who's going to teach me. And I feel I have gained a friend for life as well. Well done Driveway and most of all WELL DONE David. Xxxxxxxxx

Ray, Thank you so much for all your hard work. I know I must be a pain to teach but you cured me of all my bad habits and helped me learn my left from my right! Claire

I first started learning with Ray after having a less than satisfactory experience with another well known national driving school. The contrast was stark and it was immediately obvious that Ray wasn't just about ticking boxes and filling quoters. He genuinely cares about helping you to become a competent and conscientious driver, and not just
about teaching you how to pass the test.
After passing my test first time with only 3 minor faults, I feel that this is testament to Rays, patients and high standards of teaching.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with Ray, and I'm a little sad to see my lessons come to an end! I can wholeheartedly recommend Ray as a driving instructor.


Chris, the best driving instructor! Passed first time with two minors! I've had four instructors altogether and Chris was by far the best! He made our lessons so much fun and i learnt everything so quickly!

Passed by test first time thanks to Andy. I started to learn with a different school and moved to Driveaway as my previous instructor was unable to build up my confidence. Andy made me feel relaxed straight away and has lots of patience, and I feel that his teaching skills were the reasons to why I passed first time.
Cheers Andy.

I just wanted to thank you again properly for getting me through my driving exam - it was a real stress for me. Take care. Tonya

Thanks Ray! Passed first time and couldn't have asked for a better instructor πŸ™‚ You were very patient and understanding with me! I'm sure the rest of the family will be heading your way!

I want to thank Zairai Safi for everything he has taught me during our driving lessons.he's very patient and made each driving lesson very enjoyable.I definitely recommend everyone to have him as an instructor, he's awesome!


Have done both my test (first time pass!) and my pass-plus with Alan. He was absolutely amazing, really made me feel relaxed and confident about driving. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone!

Started off driving with a different company and they was useless and very patronising, so I found Linda did more lessons and became confident! She believed in me and helped me to get my confidence back, I highly recommend her as if I didn't go with Linda I wouldn't of passed today! Thank you so much!


Ray, Thanks for all your help and hard work you put in so I finally PASSED!! All the Best, couldn't have done it without you. P.S. I will still be referring you to everyone...The Best Instructor!! Katie πŸ™‚

Always a laugh, and went over every area constantly to it was perfect. Cheers again Ray.

Dave, Thank you soo much for everything!! Hope everything goes well for you. Thanks.

I cannot recommend Driveaway highly enough. Ray is a patient and thorough teacher with an excellent sense of humour! When I had my first lesson with him, I was extremely nervous. I had started learning a few years before with another instructor, hated it and dropped it. By the end of that first lesson, I had confidence in Ray and in myself. I quickly found myself enjoying the lessons and eventually enjoying driving! Ray took extra care to tailor the lessons to me and to make me confident in all aspects of driving. Ray has made me into a safe and confident driver and my attitude to driving has been transformed. He is an outstanding teacher and I would recommend Driveaway to anyone. Thank you!

Dear Ian , Thank you so much for your patience as i was such a nervous driver to start off with , and hardly breathed through most of the lesson ! How would of thought id pass 1st time . Thanks so much .