For those who have recently passed a driving test, or for those who are unsure of motorways and wish to develop their motorway skills, or for those have not yet ventured out onto a motorway we offer training sessions that looks at dealing safely with all aspects of motorway driving.

Many people don’t like motorways, even after years of driving, so if you would like some help to improve both your confidence and your skills on motorways then please contact me and discuss your requirements.

The Motorway Driving Course
We offer a 2 hourly programme that is specifically targeted at motorway driving and driver safety, and not just for young drivers. Any age group or level of driving experience will benefit from our 2 hour course. Very few drivers have complete knowledge about motorway driving.

The main areas of familiarisation are:

  • Safety Checks Before starting a journey
  • Motorway Prohibitions
  • Differences Motorway & Dual Carriageway
  • Joining a motorway slip roads assess length and type
  • Leaving a motorways
  • Lane Discipline
  • Forward Planning
  • Hazards
  • Breakdowns
  • Service areas
  • Contraflow systems
  • Motorway signs
  • Dealing large goods and passenger vehicles
  • Dealing with conflict and personal safety