Driving Test Pass Rates

Test Pass Rates in Cambridge

Chesterton Road

Male CondMale PassMale Pass %Female CondFemale PassFemale Pass %Total TestsTotal PassTotal Pass %
April 20111689456.0%20110150.2%36919552.8%
May 201118610053.8%23012654.8%41622654.3%
June 201119810452.5%23011449.6%42821850.9%
July 201120311154.7%23112252.8%43423353.7%
Aug 201120810048.1%20810048.1%41620048.1%
Sept 201124913453.8%26613450.4%51526852.0%
Oct  201121610749.5%22910244.5%44520947.0%
Nov 201122912253.3%27113650.2%50025851.6%
Dec 20111749755.7%18210054.9%35619755.3%

Cowley Road

Male Cond  Male PassMale Pass % Female cond Female Pass Female Pass % Total Tests Total Pass Total Pass %
April 201120310451.2%22313058.3%42623454.9%
May 20111789955.6%23713054.9%41522955.2%
June 201123212453.4%26713149.1%49925551.1%
July 201121811251.4%25912648.6%47723849.9%
Aug 201117910257.0%23112051.9%41022254.1%
Sept 201127514452.4%29315352.2%56829752.3%
Oct  201126115459.0%25411946.9%51527353.0%
Nov 201129414348.6%30115752.2%59530050.4%
Dec 201123412553.4%26711041.2%50123546.9%

The driving test pass rates shown are for 2011. The driving test centre results do not vary very much from year to year.  Contrary to popular belief there is no significant difference between male and female driver pass rates. The pass rates shown are for Cambridge, the national rates can be found by clicking on the link below.