Join our Co-operative of Approved Driving Instructors

Driveaway School of Motoring Limited has been providing Driving Tuition in the City of Cambridge and surrounding towns and villages since 1989. We have been thinking about the Driver Training industry, how its been changing over the years and how it will change in the future. The national three lettered acronym-ed schools are trying to take over all of the UK driver training industry, they have ridiculous discounts that degrade the industry and lower the integrity and professionalism of our profession. The independent driving instructor is being left behind. We thought that if we formed a collective of ADI’s that we will be a match for them. Joining together will just makes us stronger and stronger.

We have formed the first Co-operative Driving School in the country, we have been so successful that others have copied our model. If you are an established ADI, why don’t you join us. This is the only way of being competitive with the national schools with the back up of a Driving School that you are part of.

What can Driveaway School of Motoring offer to qualified & established ADI

  • No fee for pupil referral
  • Pupils in your area
  • Bookings at times to suit you
  • You share expenses with all the other ADI’s.
  • Professional support service
  • The experience of the collective
  • Better rates on car purchases and car hire
  • Support and cover of tests etc from your colleagues
  • Sharing expenses means we as a co-op can do more with less.

What is the Catch?

There is no catch! You just share the expenses with everyone else. Currently £40.00 per month for each instructor. In addition, due to our collective years of experience in our profession, we can offer help and advice to almost any situation.

What is Your Commitment for all of This?

Simply to give your pupils the most professional and best service possible. The more successful you are the more successful we all are as a collective.

For more information on our current ADI vacancies and how we can help you to make a success of your driving school, call us or fill in your contact details in our contact form. Will contact you to discuss this further and answer any questions that you may have.

Please note, we only take applications from fully qualified ADIs. If you want to know more on how to become an Driving Standard Agency Approved Driving Instructor Click Here for more information.

If you want to be considered for Membership to our Co-operative please complete the following form and we will be in touch to make an appointment to discuss this further.

Contact us for more about Approved Driving Instructor Job Opportunities with Driveaway School of Motoring.

The International Co-operative Alliance Statement on the Co-operative Identity